Tahlequah The Whale: A Dance of Grief

In the aftermath of her newborn baby’s sudden death, orca mother Tahlequah carries her daughter’s body across the Salish Sea in the incredible true story that captivated the world. Directed by Daniel Kreizberg


Today, all eyes are on deep seas. What are their secrets? What resources do they contain? At the center of the debate on their exploitation: the resilience of these vulnerable and little-known ecosystems. The animated film Reslilience proposes a reflection about the impact of anthropogenic activities on hydrothermal vent fauna and flora through a parallel […]


Welcome to the world of PLSTC, an undersea dystopia that submerges you in the disturbing reality of plastic pollution in our oceans. Through a series of graphically confronting AI-generated and hand-composited images of ocean creatures, this experimental animated film confronts you with the devastating consequences of our habits on marine life, and leaves you gasping […]

InBetweening Beings

Inbetweening Beings connects animation and ecology. With projected installation, outdoor stop-motion, and found materials, humans are invited and implicated into nature. Directed by Isaac King


An alien looking for life on other planets arrive on earth now made of wastelands. He descends into a large cave in the underworld. He discovers prehistoric animals brought back to life thanks to genetic experiments of a now extinct human civilization. He discovers a laboratory where the last humans had holed up to defend […]

Code Rose

In the open sea, a flamingo lands on an aircraft carrier. To keep the runway clear and get the planes to take off, the military have to get rid of it. But the flamingo and its congeners return relentlessly to put pink on the grey war machine. Directed by Taye CIMON, Pierre COËZ, Julie GROUX, […]

Disappearing Jewels

Remembering the filmmaker’s grandfather who was a blind man and walking weather forecast, Will Kim interviews ocean experts and brings his perspective on the impact of climate change and ocean warming. Directed by Will Kim * Filmmaker in Attendance