Agriculture is Over

A farm closes its doors and as the last animals leave, the weight of the past reappears. Directed by Antoine de Bujadoux


A little girl tries to protect her sand turtles from the danger that the summer has! Directed by Anna Maria Kakona and Calliopi Villy Kotoula    

Belle River

2019. Spring flooding in Mississippi hits record highs. In Louisiana, the residents of Pierre-Part are preparing for the worst. Barring an unexpected turn of events, local authorities will soon be forced to open the floodgates of the Morganza Spillway, in order to save the cities of New-Orleans and Bâton-Rouge from further uncontrolled flooding. Faith and […]


On the Yamal Peninsula in the far north of Siberia, a family of the Nenets people lives from reindeer herding. But their traditional nomadic lifestyle is threatened by the thawing of the permafrost and the extraction of fossil fuels. The film follows them in their daily routines, tells of their love for their endangered homeland […]


What impact does one human being have on the future of Earth? Directed by Daniel Lir and Bayou Bennett * Filmmakers in Attendance

Creatures of the Kaleidoscope

Exploring one of nature’s most magical creatures, the cuttlefish. Discover how they use their colour changing and shape shifting abilities to survive and thrive in the open ocean. Directed by Hannah Jodie Alexander

A Disappearing Forest

Grant Downie, a generational sea urchin diver, has spent his life working in the kelp forests of California. In recent years, he has struggled to keep his long-standing career in urchin diving alive as the disappearing kelp forests have forced him to rethink his profession and come to terms with a new future. He has […]

Down to the Last Drop

The last wild rivers of the Alps are in danger, and in Tyrol in particular, hydroelectric power is on the verge of total expansion. Filmmaker Harry Putz explores the unspoiled high alpine Platzertal valley, which is to be dammed into a reservoir according to the plans of the Tyrolean state energy provider TIWAG.  Directed by […]

Drowning Fish

Drowning Fish is a short documentary about one of the last few fishermen in Lake Qarun in Fayoum, Egypt. Samir, a 67-year-old fisherman, lives in Shakshouk village where the entire community depends on fishing as a key source of income. Over the years, the lake suffered from many pollution problems which made young fishermen in […]